New launch in GNSS field solution

Under expectation of market’s multi-requirements, new customized software Carlson SurvCE has finally been announced along with the latest firmware FOIF GNSS A30/A50. With this new field solution, land suverying makers can have more opportunities to get trials during their projects.

SurvCE is available in more than two dozen languages and it has a colorful looking interface. Icons have been standardized to create continuity throughout the product, while modernizing the user experience.

Belong these, there are so many features apart from the competition inside this new version,

      Supports full output reporting in GNSS analysis

      GPS base records from the raw file may be processed into the CRD File

      Description edit boxes now allow easy access to feature code list

      Electric bubble can be processed and adjusted on the device and all existing project coordinate points can be updated.

      Point project automatically creates a customizable output file containing station, offset, and elevation and other user-defined fields

     Supports LandXML Road Model

     Allows GIS storing in any stakeout routine

     Supports text import from drawings

     Supports freehand sketching in the map screen

     Supports scalable pixels in background images

     Calculate Area/ Sliding uses a new faster and more robust method ……