FOIF at Mexico

We all know that a great part of development of a región depends a lot on its hability to create infraestructure and that infrestructure has to do a lot with buiding roads, airports, creating value for its people with homes, commecial developments, water, sewer and other realted services.

Much of this development is base on surveying, carthography, minning, etc. . Big private construction companies, government companies and particulars are involved in these tasks and they need to be supported by the best measuring instruments available.

That is why on March 5th 2016, GMS Topografía, FOIF dealer in Mexico, gave an in deep presentation of authomatics leves, digital levels EL20 and EL300 series, total stations RTS100R series, RTS350 series and GNSS option of FOIF surveying products in the city of Puebla, which is has been investing a lot in infraestructura in the last months.

Many profesionals atended this demosntration and showed great interest in all products, not only becuase the very good quality and ease of use but also for its affordable prices. Many of people agreed that RTS100R series was the instrument most call to their attention because the very good technical specifications and  support to spanish languaje.

One of the assitants was so interested and impressed with the good quality and fast results of the EL28 digital level that he bought it almost inmediately after demonstration finished to start working with it next working day. Training was not necesary becuase the easy way EL20 series menu is presented.


There were present at the demmonstration private surveyors, private construction companies, teachers from nerby universities and government personnel.





                                                                                                                                        (By  Gilberto H. Tirado