FOIF attends InterGEO 2019

InterGEO 2019 was held in Messe Stuttgart from September 17th to 19th. As the 25th annual exhibition, InterGEO 2019 attracts over 18000 visitors from all over the world, which has been regarded as the wind vane of the Geomatics industry.

As an excellent instrument manufacturer and provider, FOIF brought not only high-quality and stable products including RTS010A robotic total station, A90 GNSS receiver, EL302A digital level, but also brand-new and innovative ones such as A70 mini GNSS receiver, A80 5w-radio GNSS receiver and new-generation RTS110+ manual total station. Novel appearance design and perfect performance were focused by visitors.

Besides face-to-face introduction, FOIF team also communicated with clients regarding inquiries, feedbacks and sales, etc.

We will keep our advantages in both sales networks and technologies, and bring more distinguished and cost-effective products!