Bridge-Connect unlimited

——Easy and reliable to get corrections


Bridge is just coming at the proper time to best assist all our types GNSS products. It can obtain your RTK connection through cellular network and transmit them via UHF radio where cellular is not available. Depending on this solution, there would be almost no limitation on your projects, you can practice everywhere, saving your time and cost. 


Key Feature

1. Communication

Multiple type means radios options, storage battery supply to support the external radio function, additional cable connection to the Bluetooth. GSM modules 2G/3G options.

2.Radio function

Frequency range (450-470MHz/410-430MHz), more than 10 channels options. Internal Tx & Rx radio (1~2W) option, frequency range (450-470MHz / 410-430MHz).

Power switch (2/30W option) for external radio.

Compatible with main brands radios in the market.

3.On-board software


Support single reference station software and multiple reference stations software to achieve the signal transferring from GSM to radio or opposite.

Compatible with other RTK software